U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee Supports #EndSARS Protests

Barbara Lee and some members of United States Congress have expressed their support for the peaceful Nigeria’s EndSARS protesters with House Resolution 1216. Ms. Lee encourages Nigerians in America to call their members of Congress to co-sponsor “H. Res. 1216.”


On November 15, 2020 United States Congressman Barbara Lee joined Prince Ayo Manuel Ajisebutu and the global community in a candlelight vigil for victims of EndSARS protest. 

Ms. Lee encouraged Nigerians in America to call their Congressional representatives to urge them to  co-sponsor “H. Res. 1216” (11/24/2020 House Resolution 1216), which condemns the use of excessive force by Nigerian security forces, calls for an investigation into the Lekki Toll Gate massacre in Lagos and other violations of human rights, and supports the demands of the #EndSARS movement for justice, accountability, and meaningful police reform. The resolution was introduced on November 12 by Congressman Al Green (D) of Texas.

“Democracy depends on the right of people to publicly and peacefully demand accountability from their government,” Lee concluded. “Young people in Nigeria are on the front line of fighting for justice, just as young people are here in the United States of America. You are part of a movement that is standing up to demand an end to police brutality and injustice wherever it exists. So I stand with all of you and the people of Nigeria to demand peace, justice, and respect for each and every human being.” 

Directory of members of Congress: https://www.house.gov/representatives

“All lovers of justice, peace and equality join us in making Nigeria great again. Americans and Nigerians in the United States call your members of Congress to co-sponsor H. Res. 1216. Wear Blue Ribbon and fly blue flags in support of Nigeria’s youths until all #EndSARS victims received justice.

Be part of The Change.”

-Prince Ayo Manuel Ajisebutu